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Warriors Center Residential Rehab Review
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Since its founding in 1999, the Warriors Center has been located in Memphis, Tennessee and has worked with people struggling with addiction and substance abuse. They offer a variety of affordable programs that aim to instill habits that create well-being in their clients. They use a faith-based approach and take advantage of the 12-step methodology to achieve transformative results in their patients. If you are looking for a local rehab in Memphis, you’ll want to check out the Warrior Center.

Warriors Center Treatment Programs and Amenities

There are a number of programs available to clients at this rehab center:

  • 28-day intensive Spiritual Recovery: A highly regimented inpatient program with individualized counseling and treatment frameworks designed for each person’s needs by onsite-clinicians.
  • Long-term Recovery Program: A year long work therapy program for patients needing more assistance. Customized counseling and treatment is developed by onsite clinicians. The patients must work between 25-35 hours per week as part of the treatment and to help build valuable life skills.
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Continuing Treatment: A wonderful outpatient program that extends support for departing patients and specializes in preventing relapses. Patients that need rehabilitation but cannot be onsite can also use this option. Counseling is provided 3 to 5 days a week. Re-entry services focus on improving life skills and socialization. Patients can take advantage of employment counseling and explore opportunities in the trades. There are also group sessions to learn teamwork and other soft skills.

For inpatients participating in the 28-day spiritual recovery program, there are 65 beds, separated equally by gender. The patients will share their room with two or three roommates during their stay. There are various home amenities included, such as laundry and kitchen facilities and cozy rooms outfitted with closets, dressers and other furniture. Inpatient participants are provided with three meals per day from the on-site cafeteria.

These three programs are very affordable for the value they offer. They range in price from $1250 to $1320, although they are provided on a sliding scale for people in financial hardship.

How do Warriors Center Professionals Approach Drug Addiction Issues?

As one of the best drug rehab centers, they hire professionals with backgrounds in clinical academia, licensed alcohol and drug counseling, licensed professional counseling, spiritual counseling, and physical therapy. The rehab center underpins its approach with a faith-based, heavily structured regiment for its clients. The counselors use spiritual methods and counseling to encourage dramatic and durable transformation in their patients.

Perks and Extras

The unique Aftercare Program is an extraordinary service from the Warriors Center. It helps patients who are leaving the inpatient program get established out in the world with continuing support in the form of job search and job placement help and assistance with securing food and housing.

Another unique program is the Re-entry Program which is how the Warrior Center helps individuals in prison. They can get drug abuse counseling and other rehabilitation services through the Long-term Recovery Program.

Rules and Regulations at Warriors Center Residential

All new patients must undergo an initial intake assessment so that the on-site trained clinicians can tailor an individualized treatment and counseling plan for that patient. All patients must also attend the 12-step program during their stay in addition to any customization counseling prescriptions.

Warriors Center Residential Review Summary

The Warrior Center is an affordable and effective rehab center in Memphis, Tennessee that takes a faith-based approach to addiction treatment. They serve men and women and particularly aim to help veterans with three unique programs: Their 28-day Inpatient Treatment, their one year Long Term Recovery program and their continuous outpatient Aftercare Support Program. The combination of expert staff and amazing individualized treatment, make this an appealing option. Some people are uncomfortable with the mandatory 12-step program, but the other counseling programs available make this rehab center very well rounded.

How To Contact Warriors Center Residential

Visit the facility at 642 Semmes St, Memphis, Tennessee 38111. The Warrior Center is available for visitation Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm and can be contacted by phone, email or its numerous social media outlets.

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