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Glen Oaks Hospital Overview

Glen Oaks Hospital is a facility located in Greensville, Texas that specializes in the provisioning of private treatment solutions for patients who are suffering from addictions and mental disorders. The treatment center focuses on providing these services to adults and currently does not offer any type of substance abuse or mental health treatment options that are suitable for adolescents. The services provided by Glen Oaks Hospital are all monitored and developed by highly skilled directors who hold Master’s degrees and certifications from the Texas Board of Psychiatry.

The main aim of Glen Oaks Hospital is to provide services that will promote healthy relationships and improvements in mental health problems. While the facility offers an inpatient program, most of the services that patients are provided are in the form of outpatient programs. Residential options are considered for patients with substance abuse disorders that are getting out of control and causing a greater disruption in their lives, as well as the lives of family members.

Housing at Glen Oaks Hospital

While specifying on their official website that an inpatient and partial hospitalization program exist, Glen Oaks Hospital has not provided any additional information regarding the housing options that they have available for patients who need to be admitted to a residential treatment program. Partial hospitalization services will be provided within a dedicated area of the facility and will only provide access to the area during the day, as the service does not require overnight stays or other features that are often provided to a patient who is admitted to an inpatient program.

Patients who are interested in enrolling for the residential services that the hospital offers are advised to get in touch with the staff in order to obtain more details on the housing options available, room sharing information, and to gain answers to other similar questions they might have.

Treatment Options at Glen Oaks Hospital

All treatment options provided at Glen Oaks Hospital are tailored toward the adult population of Texas who are experienced mental health problems, as well as those with substance abuse issues. A small number of patients will be treated through an inpatient care solution, while others will rather be offered outpatient services that allows them to visit Glen Oaks Hospital for therapy, group sessions, and other important services while promoting freedom and self-awareness through allowing the patient to heal at home simultaneously.

The Intensive Outpatient Programs can be provided as follow:

  • To address mental health issues
  • To address chemical dependency issues
  • As part of the new Dual Diagnosis system

All treatments are administered to the patient through a combination of staff members who are experienced in various fields, leading to a combined effort to ensure the patient can successfully recover from their illness or disorder. Medical professionals that will be part of the treatment team would include psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, dietitians, and teachers.

Payment Options at Glen Oaks Hospital

A secure online “Pay Your Bill” form can be accessed by visiting the official Glen Oaks Hospital website, which allows the patient to pay the bill that they were sent for treatments provided to them by the facility. Additional information on insurances accepted and the possibility of repayment plans have not been shared by the website, but patients can inquire about these details by getting in touch with the financial counselor at Glen Oaks Hospital.

The average cost of a 7-day detoxification program at this facility is around $5,500. Patients will pay approximately $225 for every day spent in the partial hospitalization program and around $125 per day when provided with a service that falls within the IOP category.


Details about licenses that have been granted or awarded accreditations to the center are not provided on their official website.

Amenities at Glen Oaks Hospital

The residential programs are provided to patients with more serious addiction issues and are monitored 24/7 by trained staff members who can intervene when necessary and provide the support that patients need to recover successfully. Additionally, any situation that requires urgent attention will be addressed immediately and handled accordingly by the trained medical staff.


Glen Oaks Hospital does not provide a comprehensive list of the staff members, such as therapists, who are overseeing the various treatment services that they offer patients. The company has, however, released a list of directors and management staff on their website, allowing patients to gain more knowledge of who is responsible for the development of different programs they may be admitted to while being treated at this facility.

The directors and management staff shared on the company’s website include:

Dr. Dante Burgos

Facility Medical Director

Graduate from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Medical School. Board certified in Oklahoma and Texas, with a residency completed at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Dante Burgos also completed a one-year internship at the Loma Linda University White Memorial Campus.

Dr. Raza Sayed

Medical Director of Adult Services

Graduated with a medical degree from the J.J.M. Medical College in India. Dr. Raza Sayed has been Board Certified in Psychiatry. He also completed his residency at the John Peter Smith Hospital, located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Fernando Siles

Director of Outpatient Services

Obtained a medical degree after he graduated from the Lima-Peru Medical School. Dr. Fernando Siles completed his residency at the Tulane University, focusing on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He is a Board Certified Psychiatrist.

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