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Sunspire Health Texas
3800 County Road 444
Princeton, TX, 75407

Sunspire Health Texas is the sum of Sunspire Health’s many parts. With rehab centers in seven different states across the country, Sunspire Health Texas is the crown jewel in Sunspire Health’s network.

Sunspire Health Texas owes everything, from its size to the myriad treatment options it offers, to its treatment philosophy of treating all aspects of a person’s addiction or behavioral health disorder. This kind of all-encompassing approach is reflected in not only the magnitude of Sunspire Health Texas’ campus but also in its treatment options.

Its inpatient capacity is greater than any of its other facilities. The amount of amenities available on its property is not matched by any of its other satellite centers. Sunspire Health Texas holds true to that old saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas”.

Top of the Line

Sunspire Health Texas offers everything that a top of the line rehab should offer. There are detox facilities on the premises for any incoming patients who require it.

Inpatient capacity maxes out at 40 beds available for both men and women. There are 46-acres of prime, Texas farmland to allow inpatient residents their run of the place when it comes to the availability of recreational amenities at Sunspire Health Texas.

There is an outdoor pool that because of the dry, Texas weather is usually open all year-round. The on-site physical fitness facilities can rival anything found in big city gyms. Basketball courts double as volleyball courts and the weight rooms and exercise equipment all lend credibility to Sunspire Health’s commitment to helping you build up your body while you are in treatment.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Sunspire Health Texas has many things to offer them as well. A low ropes course provides a physical manifestation of all the challenges that you undertake by being in a rehab center.

Walking trails built into the facility allow for leisurely strolls when not in therapy sessions. And if all that weren’t enough, Sunspire Health Texas even accommodates the inner angler in you by allowing patients to fish in a nearby pond.

Everything About You

Inpatient treatments, as well as those treatments available to outpatients and those enrolled in the partial hospitalization program, make use of just about every imaginable treatment option that is currently in use to treat substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. Evidence-based therapies combine with abstinence-based treatments to form the entirety of individualized treatment plans.

The breadth of treatment options is due partly to the wide spectrum of disorders that Sunspire Health Texas can treat. Sunspire Health Texas gives treatment to treat process addictions to everything from the pornography to gambling to sex.

Again, Sunspire Health Texas takes great pride in its ability to cater to various treatment needs and different lifestyles. Its abstinence based options run the gamut from the evidence-based variant of the 12 Step program, SMART Recovery to its faith-based counterpart, Celebrate Recovery.

With such substantial physical fitness facilities Sunspire Health Texas makes sure to not only let those state-of-the-art exercise machines go to waste. There are personal trainers on-staff that help you when you are in treatment. They also create fitness plans for when you leave rehab, as well.

Wellness experts also take care of your everyday health. They teach you healthy living habits invaluable to your long-lasting recovery. Having in place a solid aftercare plan that includes plenty of exercise and wellness activities is a sure way to lessen your chances of a relapse.

Sunspire Health Texas also folds religious counseling into its treatment portfolio. Giving yet even more credence to the fact that Sunspire Health Texas is a “whole-person” kind of rehab. Spiritual advisors form a crucial part of the staff for those patients whose beliefs help them understand life’s challenges.

The Giant of Rehabs

Sunspire Health Texas’ place as a premier rehab means that it needs to have available to its various clientele the freedom and latitude that some patients might need to maintain their professional lives. Only after the consent of primary care staff is given can clients who have pressing work obligations attend meetings or any other aspects of their business lives.

There is seemingly no end to the types of conditions Sunspire Health Texas treats nor the treatment options that it has to treat them. Sunspire Health Texas is a giant of a rehab. It understands the importance of treating all aspects of a person’s addiction or dual diagnosis disorder

This unlimited view of the human psyche is something that is reflected in not only the wide swath of recreational facilities and amenities that Sunspire Health Texas provides to not only entertain but to heal. But also, the plethora of treatment options that Sunspire Health Texas makes available to all its patients.

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Sunspire Health Texas
3800 County Road 444
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