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Sagebrush Treatment Center
7921 Jones Branch Dr #101
McLean, VA, 22102

The Sagebrush rehab center in Great Falls, Virginia offers addiction and mental health treatments, both evidence-based and holistic, to adults and adolescents alike. The Sagebrush rehab center differs from most programs by offering a variety of holistic treatments like acupuncture and massages in a decidedly old-world living environment.

Apart from their inpatient residential program, which is open to all, Sagebrush offers men their own inpatient residential house. Teenagers between the ages of 13-17 can also receive specialized treatment from Sagebrush’s multidisciplinary team.

Starting Within

In addition to its two inpatient locations, Sagebrush also has an outpatient office in nearby McLean, Virginia for those not wanting to enroll in the inpatient program. Sagebrush opened its doors in 2008 and quickly became known for the breadth of its treatment options.

Sagebrush employs an extensive staff of addiction professionals, as well as case managers, social workers, drug and alcohol counselors and experts in art and other expressive therapies. Sagebrush’s central inpatient location is a three-story facility that features a secluded, yet easily accessible location.

The building, tucked away in miles upon miles of pristine, Virginia woodlands, is well taken care of and features outside amenities like a water fountain, vegetable garden and outdoor gazebos.

Inside, all residents receive their own spacious private bedroom with a queen-sized bed and ample closet space as well as private bathroom. Both the men’s and the co-ed inpatient houses have room for a maximum of eight people.

The rest of the facility boasts tastefully luxurious furnishings and decor, with gleaming marble floors, French windows and wrap around porches in some areas. There is an onsite gym with personal training sessions offered by the trainer on staff. Yoga and meditation rooms are also for the use of inpatient residents whether in guided sessions or during free-time.

The men’s residential facility in Vienna, Virginia is an old but renovated colonial home, with exposed-brick exteriors and interiors drenched in autumnal, burnt amber colors. As with the co-ed facility, men receive their own private bedroom and bathroom, although some clients may have to share on occasion.

Down the Unbeaten Path

Treatment stays at Sagebrush last for a minimum of 30-days. Extended stays can be arranged with your treatment team should they be necessary.

In keeping with its alternative pedigree, Sagebrush offers a detox program different than most. It does not refer patients to outside detox facilities, but it does offer clients herbal teas, saunas, and acupuncture to literally cleanse your body of toxins before committing to the inpatient program.

Should a patient present with more severe withdrawal symptoms the medical team at Sagebrush stands ready to refer patients to more medically-inclined detox facilities. Treatment plans all form around a client’s individual needs.

Clients can attend individual and group therapy sessions while at Sagebrush. These sessions help clients deal with any underlying trauma or family dysfunction that is triggering their addiction.

While individual and group therapies have their place in treatment plans, Sagebrush is best known for the extensive alternative options that clients have at their disposal. The co-ed facility as well as the men’s facility offer therapies like psychodrama sessions as well as art, music and other expressive therapies.

Therapy sessions involving the great outdoors, hypnosis for tobacco cessation and meditation instruction, along with physical fitness plans round out the more unconventional substance abuse treatments at Sagebrush.

Healing the Family

Loved ones and family members become heavily involved in their loved one’s recovery. Sunday afternoons consist of family members attending addiction education classes to understand the intricacies of their loved one’s addiction better.

Once residential treatment has ended, Sagebrush offers graduates extensive aftercare planning. The outpatient option is obviously one way that graduates can continue receiving care while slowly transitioning back to their new lives.

Outpatient treatments can run for a total of six weeks with treatment times depending on your other commitments and how far your recovery has progressed. Treatment topics range from relapse prevention to 12-Step study; family counseling is also available.

The Sagebrush Treatment Centers offer extremely flexible treatment plans. Sagebrush boasts a staff of dozens with years of experience in their respective fields, from massage therapists to medical staff, some of who are in recovery as well.

Their facilities offer top-notch private accommodations, comfortable environments and extensive treatment options for anyone looking to go down a different road from simply abstinence only.

Price for 30 days at Sagebrush: $45,000

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