Residence XII, Kirkland, Washington

Kirkland, WA Waterfront
12029 113th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA, 98034

Residence XII Overview

Residence XII is one of the oldest recovery centers in the area, as the center was initially founded in the year 1981. The facility has been established to provide treatment services exclusively to women, in order to take a gender-specific approach to ensure that treatment methods are more successful and provide the patient with appropriate supportive measures that would ultimately help them adopt a lifestyle that allows them to aim for a sober and successful life in the future.
Over 10,000 women have been successfully treated at Residence XII, and they can address issues that women experience in addition to the addictions that are causing their lives to be difficult and dark.

Residence XII Housing

The residential program offered at the facility is relatively popular and provide the patient access to the facility that is owned by Residence XII. Each patient is provided with access to a shared room. The rooms are fitted with twin beds. Two patients are placed in each room, and the facility can assist in the treatment of up to 25 female patients at any given time. In addition to two beds being available in each room, the patients also have access to private closet space and a desk in their room.

Residence XII Treatment Options

Residence XII specializes in treating all kinds of drug addictions, as well as substance abuse disorders that involve alcohol. The facility has developed different programs that offer adequate services to the patient to ensure they can recover. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can be provided to each patient. The specific programs that a patient will undergo are largely dependent on their condition, which will be assessed by appropriate staff members when the patient first visits the facility.
Residential treatment offered to patients may include the following services:

  • Addiction education
  • Access to counseling and psychiatry services
  • Holistic treatments, including art therapy, meditation, and yoga
  • Skills development to promote independence among patients
  • 12-step addiction program
  • Individualized program according to the patient’s condition

A family program is also offered to help the loved ones of the patient that is admitted to the facility to recover and understand how they can help the patient stay sober after they are released.

Residence XII Therapies Provided

A variety of therapy options can be offered to the patients who come to Residence XII for treatment. These therapies may include:
Individual therapy sessions with a licensed psychiatrist

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions

Residence XII Payment Options

Residence XII focuses on making addiction treatment affordable to women with a substance abuse disorder. The company has been approved to provide treatment to female patients by numerous insurance programs, which means many patients will be able to undergo a residential or outpatient treatment program at Residence XII without any fees that need to be covered out of their pocket. Patients are able to contact the insurance consultant at the facility to determine if their insurance provider is covered and fi the specific plan they are covered by would pay for their treatment.
Self-pay options are also available for female patients who are not covered by an insurance plan that pays for treatment at Residence XII. The patient will need to either settle their bill before their treatment starts or arrange a repayment plan with the financial consultant at the facility.

Residence XII Accreditations

Residence XII is a fully accredited and licensed facility that ensures each patient can gain access to the quality care that they deserve and need to recover. The company has been licensed by the Washington State. The CARF National Body has also awarded the facility a seal of approval for the inpatient and outpatient treatment services they offer. Additionally, the company is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Residence XII Amenities

Patients admitted to the residential program at Residence XII will be given access to staff members that are highly experienced and appropriately trained to give them the support they need to ensure a successful recovery. The staff members will monitor patients 24/7 to ensure any problems that arise can be addressed immediately, and if urgent care is needed, the services can be provided to the patient in a timely manner.
Additional amenities that are offered to patients at the facility include access to yoga classes and a few other convenient features that are available at the local property. It should be noted that smartphones and computers are not allowed at the facility.

Residence XII Center Staff

Even though Residence XII is quite transparent about the services they provide, licenses and accreditations they hold, and other important details related to what they can offer the patients, we found that they do not provide any details of the staff members that are employed at the facility. The company does state, however, that the Executive Director was once Marion Hutton. They also provide a list of other individuals who were previously part of the facility, including Linc Denny, Margie Clemente, Art Clemente, Bill Buck, Jack Mahler, and Ann Forbes. Unfortunately, no details are provided related to the current staff members that patients will be greeted by when they decide they want to undergo treatment for their addictions as Residence XII.
If the patient feels that they might be more comfortable when they know that the staff at Residence XII are certified to provide therapeutic services and other treatments that are offered at the facility, they should contact the offices of Residence XII to gain more insight into the medical team.

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