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Ryther Overview

Ryther is a comprehensive treatment unit that specializes in a large number of conditions that youth often experience. The company focuses largely on addiction treatment services, with a special aim to help the youth overcome such problems early on and avoid a substance abuse disorder from ruining the life of an adolescent patient.
Apart from the addiction treatment programs that a patient may be provided when they go to one of the Ryther centers for help, there are other services also provided by this company that can serve both children and adolescents, such as mental health counseling solutions. Parents of these children and teenagers are also welcomed to join in on various therapeutic programs to help the patient through their journey. The company currently operates a total of three centers, all located within the Washington state. They were initially founded almost 150 years ago and had since helped a countless number of individuals address their mental health concerns, addictions, and behavioral problems.

Ryther Housing

Services available to assist children and adolescents with specific conditions that they are suffering at Ryther all seems to be based on an outpatient approach. Even though the company owns three different facilities, it does not seem like any inpatient services are available, and patients will not be offered access to appropriate accommodation when they are being treated at the company.
The patient will be staying at their own home and will be responsible for their own lives while they are undergoing a treatment program, and only need to come to their closest facility at times that will be specified to them after they have been admitted to a treatment program.

Ryther Treatment Options

Ryther is a complete service center for a large number of conditions that youth and children tend to experience in the local areas. The center has a particular focus on providing adolescents with the services that they need to recover from addictions that they might be experiencing. Addiction services can assist in the treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse. In addition to addiction treatment services, the company also offer the following treatment options:

  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Sub-acute care services
  • Chemical dependency assessment services
  • Psychiatry services
  • Treatment for mental health disorders in children and teenagers

Ryther Therapies Provided

All of the programs that patients can gain access to when they are admitted to a treatment solution at Ryther will include individual therapy sessions with a counselor that is appointed to the patient. Additionally, family and group therapy sessions may also be provided to enhance further the effectiveness of the care that is provided to the patient.

Ryther Payment Options

Ryther does not provide extensive data on their pricing and payment options, except for the fact that they utilize a sliding-scale model to ensure patients can be billed according to their unique circumstances. Parents will be responsible for paying the bills that are generated for services rendered to their children and their teenagers. The unique circumstances of the parents will be taken into consideration when a fee structure is calculated. Insurance providers, such as Medicaid, may also cover the cost of treatment at any of the centers that Ryther owns.

Ryther Accreditations

Ryther is a fully licensed facility that provides quality care services to all of their patients. Additionally, the company has also been accredited to ensure patients can know that they will be offered services that aim to help them recover successfully and to take them throughout the entire journey of recovery.
Licenses held by Ryther has been provided to them by the following state departments:

  • The Department of Social and Health Services
  • The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • The Division of Licensed Resources

The Council on Accreditation, also known as the COA, has accredited the company for the professional treatment services that they offer.

Ryther Amenities

There are no specific amenities offered by Ryther that are worth mentioning, as patients are expected to have access to their accommodation if they wish to be treated by this company. While the patient will be provided treatment services at the facility that is closest to where they reside, no residential programs will be offered that provide the patient access to features such as a room, meals, or additional activities that they can participate in.

Ryther Staff

While Ryther is dedicated to providing highly effective services to their patients that can assist them in overcoming a large number of conditions and assist in the management of certain mental health problems, the center fails to provide extensive data on the staff members that are involved at any of the centers that Ryther operates. While the official website of the company does provide a list of the leadership team, there are no pictures, details of colleges or universities that the staff members attended, or details about the experience of these staff members.
This would be a negative factor for a large number of patients. Knowing that they will be treated by professionals who hold adequate experience is important for many patients who need treatment. Patients who feel this way should contact their closest facility directly and ask to obtain more details about the staff members who are involved in the development of treatment programs, as well as the treatment team at Ryther.

  • Karen Brady (M.S.W., M.B.A) – CEO and Executive Director
  • Heather L.H. Womeldorf – Senior Director of Operations
  • Rachel Barrett (L.I.C.S.W, CMHS) – Senior Director Outpatient Services
  • Crystal Hynek (LMFT, CMHS, CDPT) – Director of Outpatient Services
  • Skye Camphouse (PsyD) – Senior Director Inpatient Services
  • Rochelle Coffey (PsyD) – Psychology Services Director

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