Sundown M Ranch, Yakima, Washington

Vineyard near Yakima, Washington
2280 State Route 821
Yakima, WA, 90901

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Sundown M Ranch Overview

Sundown M Ranch is a recovery program that believes in getting the family involved with the entire healing process. The facility was established to provide effective, evidence-based treatments to adolescents and adults who may be experiencing problems with an addiction. The facility offers treatment programs that can provide assistance in the recovery of an addiction to both drugs and alcohol.

The Sundown M Ranch was first established in 1968 and, since then, has provided support and treatment for more than 200,000 patients, making them one of the biggest and most successful treatment centers in the area. The facility offers their services to patients seven days a week, 24 hours a day – and can even admit patients to their programs during non-business hours.

Sundown M Ranch Housing

Sundown M Ranch has a relatively large facility that they utilize to provide residential treatment services to the patients who need to be admitted to the inpatient program that the facility has to offer. The patient will first need to undergo a thorough assessment to determine if an inpatient or outpatient approach toward the treatment to help them recover would be most appropriate.

No specific data is provided in terms of how many patients can be treated in one of the residential treatment options offered at the facility at the same time, but the patient will be advised on the availability of beds when they are assessed at the admissions office. Patients will be given access to a variety of facilities at the center, including a gym and a convenient coffee shop. No access to internet or televisions is offered at the facility, however.

Sundown M Ranch Treatment Options

Sundown M Ranch has a series of treatment programs that they offer their clients. Even though clients can read through information related to each of these programs, it is important to note that the staff members at the facility will provide each patient with a unique approach toward treating their condition upon admission to an inpatient or an outpatient program. Thus, each patient will have their own schedule to follow and general approach toward recovery that will ensure they can heal and successfully overcome their drug or alcohol addiction.

The specific treatment options that patients are offered at Sundown M Ranch include:

  • Adult Treatment
  • Youth (Adolescent) Treatment
  • Family Programs
  • Outpatient Treatment Services

Sundown M Ranch Therapies Provided

Patients are provided access to highly trained counselors and psychiatrists, who provide the following therapy services:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions

Sundown M Ranch Payment Options

Sundown M Ranch is not very transparent when it comes to the payment options and the cost of their services. The company does not provide any specific information in regards to how much their treatment services cost. Customers are advised, however, that the preferred payment approach is to utilize an insurance program that the patient may be under. The company accepts most of the major insurance companies in the United States. Patients are advised to get in touch with the admissions office to verify their insurance benefits and to determine if their insurance provider would cover the cost of treatment at their facility.

Sundown M Ranch Licenses

Sundown M Ranch is a licensed and accredited recovery center that has undergone extensive investigations from numerous third-party associations, which shows the patient that the center is serious about striving toward helping patients recover successfully from their addictions. The facility has been licensed with the Washington State Department of Health. They are also a member at the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and the facility has been accredited by CARF.

Sundown M Ranch Amenities

Sundown M Ranch offers the patient an opportunity to undergo treatment together with up to two of their family members, which the center believes will assist in improving the patient’s mental health during their stay at the facility while they are going through a residential treatment program. The facility is also qualified to provide patients with equine therapy, which is type of therapy geared toward adolescents who might be admitted to undergo a treatment plan at Sundown M Ranch.


For many patients, knowing more information about the staff members who will be in charge of the programs that they will undergo while staying at Sundown M Ranch is important. This allows them to feel more comfortable going in for an admission to the facility, and also ensures they know that the individuals who administer the treatment programs are highly skilled and trained in providing such services.

Unfortunately, Sundown M Ranch does not provide any details on the staff members that are part of their team. The company also does not share any details on the management staff, directors, or the individuals who are responsible for overseeing the operations that are conducted at either the residential treatment unit or the outpatient treatment program.

Should a patient feel that they would like to know more about the staff members, or a family member of someone who may be submitted to the Sundown M Ranch feels that they would like to know who the patient will be cared by, a call or visit to the admissions center can yield further details on the staff members, directors, supervisors, and other management staff that are part of the facility.

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