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Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Overview

Triumph Treatment Services is a relatively large network of state-based treatment facilities that offer patients an opportunity to undergo programs that focuses on recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. The programs that are all specialized for specific types of addictions and also gender-specific, in order to provide each patient with a more individualized experience while they are undergoing a program that has been offered to them at Triumph Treatment Services. The company operates a large number of facilities in the Washington state.
The Inspirations division of the Triumph Treatment Services organization is a specialized unit that only offers treatment services to female patients. The services provided at this facility are all based on residential settings, giving the patient access to a sober living housing program while they are being treated to help them recover from the addictions that are causing them to experience difficulties in their own lives. The Inspirations division focuses on recovery treatment and does not provide continued support, which women can utilize through one of the other facilities that are owned and operated by the company.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Housing

The Triumph Treatment Services Inspirations center focuses on residential treatment that is offered to adult female patients with addictions. All patients enrolled in the residential program offered at the company’s Inspirations center will be provided access to the local facility that features multiple rooms and the ability to provide accommodation for up to 16 patients in total. Rooms in the house are shared among multiple patients, and there are two different bays in the facility. A range of additional rooms with specific amenities are available for patients to utilize during times when they are not being treated or undergoing counseling sessions with their appointed psychiatrist.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Treatment Options

Patients need to go through an assessment and interview with a counselor appointed to the intake process at the Triumph Treatment Services Inspirations Center before they will be provided with any type of treatment. This process allows the intake counselor to determine how the company is able to help the patient and individualize a treatment program specifically for the patient’s condition.
When the patient is placed in the Inspirations center, they will be provided access to residential care that may include a number of different treatment services to help them recover. These treatment options may include:

  • Therapeutic solutions
  • 12-step recovery meetings
  • Mental health recovery solutions
  • Addiction recovery solutions

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Therapies Provided

Residential treatment at the Triumph Treatment Services Inspirations facility relies on therapy to help the patients throughout their recovery. Therapy solutions offered at the facility include both individual counseling with a psychiatrist, as well as group meetings that will primarily take advantage of the standard 12-step addiction recovery process.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Payment Options

Triumph Treatment Services does not provide any specific details of the payment options that are available to patients who need to be treated at their centers. The company does state on their website that patients may apply for special financial assistance if they are considered on the low-income group, which will provide them with a discount if the patient’s overall household income is lower than $1,000 on a monthly basis. Patients may also verify their insurance benefits by contacting the center directly.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Accreditations

Triumph Treatment Services has not provided any details in terms of the licenses that they have been awarded on their website, but this is a state-based recovery program, which means the company, their facilities, and the treatment programs that they offer are most likely all licensed by the appropriate authorities within the Washington state. The company’s website also does not provide details of any accreditations that national or international bodies have awarded the company for the services that they provide their patients with.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Amenities

Patients who are treated at Triumph Treatment Services Inspirations center are given access to numerous amenities, which will help to make the patient’s experience at the facility more pleasant and comfortable. Patients can watch television in a dedicated TV room. There are also living rooms where patients can hang out and socialize, and dining rooms, where patients will be served food. All meals are prepared by a dedicated kitchen staff team. Dietary needs may also be adhered to while food is prepared, but patients are required to discuss such issues with the admission staff.

Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations Staff

It is known that patients often find it difficult to admit that they need help and to contact a center that specializes in addiction treatment services, which is why many facilities go the extra mile to help patients feel more confident and comfortable approaching them for assistance. One particularly important aspect is knowing about the staff members beforehand. Unfortunately, however, we found that Triumph Treatment Services does not offer any details of the staff that is part of their medical team on their website.
Instead, the company provides limited information about the directors and management team. While the information is still useful, patients should note that these staff members will not be providing them with any kind of services if they choose to undergo treatment at the Triumph Treatment Services: Inspirations facility. Visiting the center directly would be the most appropriate way to gain more details of the treatment staff members.

  • Bob Massong – Board Member
  • Caroline Sundquist – Board Member
  • Jim Beckett – Board Member
  • Robert Chavez – Board Member

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