Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Durham, Connecticut

Best rehabs in Durham, CT

Why Look For Rehab Center In Durham, Connecticut

It isn’t unusual for people struggling with substance abuse to want a better life for themselves and desire a brighter future for their loved ones, but, as much as they would want, their addiction problems often get in the way of their dreams. There are Durham, Connecticut rehab programs that provide a more comprehensive approach to substance abuse and mental health issues usually associated with substance dependence.

Substance addiction rehab in Durham, Connecticut, is funded by the state government’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). This makes turning away from addiction and sustaining sobriety easier for many, most especially those who may not have available finances or insurance coverage to fund their own treatment.

Addiction Treatment Services In Durham, Connecticut

Other than state-funded programs, there are other non-government organizations and private facilities that provide people in need with the assistance required to transition to lifelong sobriety successfully.

More specifically, substance use facilities that offer services for Drug rehab in Durham, Connecticut, offer treatment under different settings and arrangements. Patients and their families may elect to receive treatment inhouse under hospital or residential setup or, receive partial in-house or outpatient treatment.

For patients who may require close monitoring by a medical professional, hospital-based treatment programs are highly recommended to ensure patient safety as well as to address withdrawal symptoms properly. Patients who prefer to enroll in outpatient programs can also access physicians who may administer buprenorphine to addiction recovery patients requiring medical interventions to manage withdrawal risks.

The (DMHAS)also lists self-help groups, state-operated inpatient treatment facilities, and crisis intervention services, including a crisis hotline number available 24 hours daily. Facilities for alcohol rehab in Durham, Connecticut, and counseling are also available.

How To Enroll In Substance Abuse Treatment Program In Durham, Connecticut

Calls are entertained by trained counselors who are fully qualified to provide proper and timely guidance to help patients and their loved ones address substance abuse, always with the end goal of sustaining a life lived in sobriety in mind. They can help connect people in need with the most qualified institutions according to their preferred treatment interventions and location.

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Based on reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 955 individuals died of a drug overdose in Connecticut in 2017 alone. The data shows that substance abuse problems in the state are partly caused by the improper use of prescription opioids, including higher rates of medical prescriptions issued during the review period.

For two consecutive reporting periods, 2016 and 2017, the DMHAS found out that heroin and prescription drugs are the most abused substances in Connecticut. The information is based on the primary drug misused reported by patients enrolling for drug treatment programs across the state.

For cases possibly involving drug misuse, help is necessary. Use the database below to find help for someone who may need it.

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